Recent Graduates! January to May 2014

DSC07110Congrats to Brett who completed the challenging Cavern Diver course.  He can appreciate the skills required to safely do limited penetration dives in the Florida springs.  Russ did a refresher.

Diane, Dylan, Thomas, Nicole, and Rik completed Enriched Air and can benefit from longer bottom times with higher O2 blends.

Nicole completed the entry-level OW course and is now a certified diver.

Dean completed the Navigation specialty which includes gaining confidence in using the compass over multiple legs and returning to the starting point.  This was his last specialty cert for Master Scuba Diver, the highest non-professional rating.

Brett, Shane, Dave, and Nicole completed the Drysuit specialty and can now be comfortable diving in colder environs.
Nicole, Rik, Jason, Dylan, and Thomas completed Advanced OW and now have a better appreciation for different types of diving and respecting the limits of their training.

Well done!