“Before I met Glenn, I was already certified in Advanced Open Water. My first class with Glenn was the Rescue Diver class. After that class, I was “stuck” and earned future certifications under his instruction in Cavern, Wreck, Search & Recovery, Overhead Sidemount, Master Scuba Diver and then Divemaster. I kept going back to Glenn because he is such a great instructor. His level of thoroughness, patience, and safety awareness during his classes will teach you how to be a safe and confident diver. He is very passionate and knowledgeable about diving and doesn’t simply push students through. Glenn is the perfect instructor whether you are considering diving for the first time or if you want to pursue more technical training. Thanks Glenn for everything you’ve done for me as an instructor and as a mentor. – Josh, Divemaster and Master Scuba Diver

“I have dove with many people and had many different instructors over the years since I started to dive. The one instructor I come back to over and over again is Glenn. There are many reasons for this, but the main one is that he does not just give me cards to progress, he makes me earn them. He is tough on skills and he walks you though them so you get it right and gain confidence. This training was apparent when I dove a new cave system where I become uncomfortable due to silting at the entrance. Glenn pointed out my mistakes and what I needed to work on to improve my skills. We returned to this cave two weeks later and because of his training and mentoring, we completed the dive with no issues! I cannot express the respect I have for Glenn as a instructor, he has taught me more than any other instructor I have ever had. Thank you Glenn.” – Jon, Full Cave Diver

“I completed Advanced Open Water and Rescue through Glenn. These classes were invaluable when it came to completing my Divemaster examinations. I came back and attended his Cavern class. Let me say that I was not disappointed to say the least with the quality of instruction. His charisma, professionalism, and humor, will not only provide a platform for improving your diving confidence, but truly allows you to fall in love with the sport of diving. What I have learned by his instruction opened my eyes to a whole new world of diving, while at the same time providing a set of skills that are, and will be, fundamental in the continuance of my dive training.” – Will, Open Water Scuba Instructor

“I’ve had three instructors since I started diving almost four years ago, and Glenn is the best. This past year, I’ve had the pleasure of completing Rescue Diver, Cavern Diver, Wreck Diver, Dry Suit Diver, and Search and Recovery Diver certifications through Snapper Scuba. Glenn’s enthusiasm, willingness to work with every individual personally, dedication to safety, and get’r done attitude are only a few of the qualities that keep me coming back for his instruction. If I didn’t have to move, I would definitely pursue my Divemaster certification with him.” – Sean, Master Scuba Diver

“I have taken both Rescue and Cavern classes from Glenn and I had a blast at both. Glenn is a great teacher and it’s obvious he loves what he does. He’s level-headed and very thorough, and he’ll make sure you have the skills you’ll need once the class is over. I highly recommend going to Glenn for any SCUBA certification classes you want.” – John, Master Scuba Diver

“Glenn is very patient and thorough. During my first boat dive in the Gulf of Mexico, I panicked just before I descended and Glenn calmed me down and we completed that dive. It was great. He not only imparted an education of diving, but also a genuine love of it. I have already referred him to my friends who have just completed the Open Water Course with him. I am looking forward to taking more classes with him. He has helped me feel more confident in my diving abilities and is overall a great instructor.” – Sarah

“I have taken Open Water, NITROX, Advanced Open Water, Rescue, and Cavern with Glenn. I have found his easy going attitude, patience and fondness for SCUBA conducive to learning and achieving the goal I set for myself. I am looking forward to furthering those skills and I am more than confident and happy to have Glenn as my instructor teaching me those skills. If you are looking for someone that will work with you and not just spout information to a group, Glenn is definitely the person to see.” – Michael

“Your patience, knowledge, and ability to model and teach are very impressive. Our class got to see firsthand how lucky we were while observing other classes at Vortex. (I might add that I did much better clearing my mask under pressure when it was kicked off by another diver in another class). Thanks for keeping your class size low so that we could feel more confident in learning and practicing the skills. I am not sure I would have had such a good experience and have caught the “dive bug” with another instructor. Thank you so much for a great experience. It was really exciting to learn something new.” – Kris

“I really appreciate the way you teach. I’m confident I have a better grasp of diving concepts and safety because I took the cert with you instead of anyone else.” – Ross

“Glenn taught the skills in such a way that I was confident to get in the water and after each dive I felt prepared for the next. He is not just an instructor, but someone who loves diving and cares about people. His patience and positive attitude will make you excited about diving and make you feel like a well prepared, safe diver. We continue to recommend him to our friends and go back to him for more instruction.” – Rob

“Having never had this experience before, Glenn put me at ease from the start. I felt totally comfortable with him as my instructor and will use Glenn again when I want to further my SCUBA dive training. From giving us the materials to congratulating us when we passed, Glenn was ultra-patient and extremely knowledgeable. Thanks Glenn, we had a blast!” – Crockett

“We can all see that you do the instruction because you love it and love to share your interest with new people. Thank you again for your instruction. Your detail-oriented and thorough approach has helped Sam and I develop those skills we need to be safe divers.” – Barrett