Welcome to Snapper Scuba! We are located in Niceville, Florida, midway between Pensacola and Panama City. We specialize in recreational, cave, and technical scuba diving. We offer over a dozen specialty classes to suit your interests, with sidemount diving becoming one of the most popular. Our training approach is relaxed and instructor to student ratios are low for the best training. Certifications are offered through PADI and PSAI. If you're an entry level diver, the Open Water Diver course is your gateway to exploring scuba. If you're a seasoned diver, let us help you get to the next level and be a more confident and safe diver! We offer Adult/Child/Infant CPR, AED, First Aid, and basic O2 Administration through EFR. We are an authorized dealer for H2Odyssey dive gear and PSI certified to perform annual tank VIPs and valve repair.

Recent Graduates!

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Recent Graduates! January to May 2014

DSC07110Congrats to Brett who completed the challenging Cavern Diver course.  He can appreciate the skills required to safely do limited penetration dives in the Florida springs.  Russ did a refresher.

Diane, Dylan, Thomas, Nicole, and Rik completed Enriched Air and can benefit from longer bottom times with higher O2 blends.

Nicole completed the entry-level OW course and is now a certified diver.

Dean completed the Navigation specialty which includes gaining confidence in using the compass over multiple legs and returning to the starting point.  This was his last specialty cert for Master Scuba Diver, the highest non-professional rating.

Brett, Shane, Dave, and Nicole completed the Drysuit specialty and can now be comfortable diving in colder environs.

Nicole, Rik, Jason, Dylan, and Thomas completed Advanced OW and now have a better appreciation for different types of diving and respecting the limits of their training.

Well done!


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Recent Graduates! August to December 2013

Congrats to Christian, Paul, Rick, Tami, Steve, Nick, John, Kristen, and Brian who completed Open Water and can now enjoy the great sport. Dean completed the Wreck Diver specialty and can now safely do limited wreck penetrations.  David and Dean completed the Deep Diver specialty and now understand the additional planning and attention required during these dive profiles and how to manage their gas requirements in advance.  Kristen, Erik, James, Jason, and Malcolm completed the Drysuit Diver specialty and can now explore many more places in world while remaining warm.  Matt, Rob, Trevor, and Scott completed Enriched Air and can now enjoy longer dives since the body absorbs less nitrogen with the higher O2 mixes.DSC05120

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