Recent Graduates! Jan-Feb 2013

Apprentice Cave is a very tough class and Jon and Daniel made it happen. They went on to complete the even more difficult Full Cave certification.  The classes were conducted on Merrit’s Mill Pond in Marianna with dives in Jackson Blue Spring, Hole-in-the-Wall Spring, and Twin Caves. The skills are very demanding at this level as it requires you to maintain your composure, buoyancy, and trim regardless of the simulated emergency.
Congrats to Henry, Billy, Alex and Craig who completed the Enriched Air Diver class.  They can now appreciate the benefits of diving on higher blends of oxygen up to 40%.  This means less nitrogen in the body tissues and longer no decompression bottom times which is what diving is all about … more bottom time!
Kendra, Lyndsey, and Ken did an OW skills refresher at Vortex Spring and are ready for the diving season.
Karen, Patrick, Andrew and Vin all earned their OW Diver cert and can now enjoy the great sport.  Congrats to all!
Jon and Daniel - Apprentice  Cave