Technical Training

Snapper Scuba offers DSAT Tec Rec and PSAI Tec classes. Technical diving is not for most divers, but for some, the rewards are great to visit places most divers will never see. It also allows divers to extend their dive duration beyond recreational no-stop limits within recreational depths of 130′. If you have thought about wanting to dive longer or dive deeper, this training will prepare you.

PADI offers two approaches toward full certification: DSAT Tec 40/45/50 meters or Tec 1 followed by Tec Deep. Both end up with the same result: multi-gas switches up to 100% O2 for accelerated decompression to depths of 165′. Full tec training requires the use of backmount doubles or sidemount configuration, however, the relatively new Tec 40 meter class allows for limited deco (up to 10 minutes with up to 50% EANx) and you can take that class with most OW BCs with a 30 cu ft or larger deco tank on the side or under the BC. This may appeal to divers who are not sure how far they want to go with tec, but want to understand more about decompression theory and extend their dive times beyond rec time limits, but still within rec depths of 130′.

PADI Tec 40/45/50 Flowchart
You can also start with the PSAI Advanced NITROX class which requires the use of backmount doubles or sidemount configuration, however, the diver will be able to use up to 100% O2 for deco with a backgas allowing depths to 150′. The PSAI Extended Range class is the next in the series of tec training.

PSAI Technical Diver Training Flowchart
There is also a Tec Sidemount class which is excellent for anyone switching from backmount doubles or for a diver who wants to learn about Tec diving in sidemount, but is not yet committed to the full tec training.

If you’re not quite sure about Tec, try Discover Tec with backmount doubles or sidemount configuration.

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